As a subsidiary of Bullex Group, Bullex Construction Co., Ltd. has been continually making efforts to prefabricated steel structure buildings and new material building such as modular house, passive building.

Building business of the company was initiated since the 1990s. After decades of exploration and development, Bullex Construction Co., Ltd. has gradually formed its own intellectual properties and core specialties, possessed professional operation capability, taking environment-protecting and energy-saving houses as main business, and taking development and design light gauge steel structure, building envelop, interior and exterior decorating material, thermal insulation, water, heating and electricity system, as well as construction equipment as core technologies. The company has an effective and green building system, with superior physical functions, which is a world class building technology applied widely in developed countries. The production of the housing system has been fully industrialized with consummate supply chain management and professional service in logistics and installation to provide all around solution to customers.

We are to build the most livable building combined with modern artificial intelligence and environmental protection technology green, environmental protection, energy saving elements, with simplest transportation & installation. All components will be pre-installed in the computer system before installation, and reassembled on site. In addition, CKD mode is adopted, all components are shipped in completely knocked down form, one container can hold six module units every with a size of a container, which saves container space and transportation costs to the greatest extent. Rapid construction on site is a highlight of our modular house, it can be installed in a very short time, just like buiding block toys. FRP material is elegant in appearance and easy to clean, it is the best choice for some important parts when building yacht, caravan and aircraft. It has wonderful performance in its good corrosion resistance, insulation and sealing, sound insulation, uv resistance, etc., meanwhile, the light weight makes it much more easier to install than any other material.