Bullex Construction Co., Ltd. is specialized in Designing, Manufacturing, Marketing and Construction of the steel frame buildings. Located in Shandong province, continues to make breakthroughs and has now become one of the best Chinese construction & service provider with advanced technology in prefabricated buildings.

With a hard-working team and harmonious working atmosphere, our products are getting more and more perfect and diversified, not only beautiful in appearance, but also practical in many areas. We are the expert in the steel frame construction .

Three advantages enable you to choose our company.
1. Industry chain, supply chain, ecological circle
An ecological circle for steel structure building is formed in Shandong province, where Bullex is the NO.1 company of steel frame. Stable supply and industry chain help safeguard large-scale project be executed in the long run.
2. High standard production, advanced product line
Bullex Construction Co., Ltd. has a vast product base in Jinan ,covering an area of 50000 square meters . The base has a number of automatic, semi-automatic production lines, steel output can reach 30,000 tons/year. The workshop is equipped with a number of quality inspection specialists for strict control of product quality. Can provide third party quality inspection report. Bullex Construction Co., Ltd. is the expert in steel structure prefabricated buildings, modular quick installation buildings ,FRP mobile houses and other whole series of products.


3. The expert in turnkey project ,rich overseas project experience
Our company has nearly 20 years of overseas project construction experience, the products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions. Under the guide of professional engineers, we perfectly design the project for you. We commitment that our production is high standard. When the product have been delivered to you, Our construction team immediately assist you to construct the building.
What we specialize in is the complete scheme design of steel structure series buildings. We Advocate the use of green environmental protection building materials, solar technology was applied to modern architecture, and add the element of artificial intelligence , such as intelligent security systems, intelligent lighting system, intelligent control system, etc.. to provide a full range of materials for investors“ one-stop” work style, and provide professional installation team, to ensure that each project completed smoothly.