Bullex Steel Structures Ltd. provides quality re-roof solutions utilizing our own on-site rolling machine. This system allows the standing seam roof product to arrive on site in coil form rather than pre-manufactured panels which are subject to damage in shipment and higher freight costs. The on-site formed panels are dimensionally correct and instantly ready for installation, thus ensuring quality control. For the new construction of Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural structures, this system provides an energy efficient low maintenance roof that will look good and last for years.


Standing Seam Roof System (SSR)

Our Standing Seam Panel  is constructed with interlocking steel panels, which are often roll-formed on the jobsite. The panels are joined to form a raised seam where sealant is applied to ensure a weather-tight seal. The roof is secured with a unique moveable clip which allows for expansion and contraction. No exposed fasteners eliminates the major causes of leaks.


Key Features:

- Suitable for both new construction and retrofits


- Retrofits can be installed over existing flat and sloped roofs


- Accomodates for thermal expansion and contraction


- Offers 20+ years of trouble-free performance


- Withstands rain, wind and snow


- Available in a wide range of pre-finished colours


- Saves time and money


- Reduces heating and cooling loads


Flat Roofs Leak

Many commercial and institutional facilities have traditionally utilized flat roofs because they have been a cost effective solution for covering extremely large areas. Unfortunately, flat roofs also have a great tendency to leak. Water trapped on a flat surface causes sagging and can lead to permeation of the water through the roof, resulting in saturation of the building's insulation, damage to content, and air quality concerns.


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