Bullex Cladding System

Bullex Cladding System


Bullex cladding system consists of steel building components that cover a variety of construction needs. All  components are engineered for durable, long-lasting performances in both commerical and industrial applications.


Steel Cladding - Long-lasting, versatile, and durable cladding is availabe in a variety of profiles and colours to incorporate into any design and combine with other materials for aesthetic appeal.


Roofing - BEHLEN SSR24 low slope steel roof system that eliminates ponding water. Energy efficient and maitnenace-free, this is a waterproof, economical roof system.


Thermalguard Insulation System - All the benefits of a liner panel with superior thermal efficiency, condensation control, and noise reduction.


Vapourguard 32 - A factory caulked liner panel. It is a multi-purpose component of an insulated wall cladding or roof system.


Fireguard Wall System - Non-load bearing fire wall system with steel cladding enclosing mineral wool insulation for a 1 or 2 hour firewall.


Self Storage Buildings - Wide selection of components in various sizes, gauges and colours to meet all self-storage needs.Steel partition walls allow security and visual interest with a variety of unit arrangements. (See below)




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