Jinan Bullex Prefab House

Jinan Bullex Prefab House


The standard container for various purposes is suitable for international container transport. It is of appropriate external dimensions and has connections for lifting and fixing or compounding. The container is designed as a light construction consisting of floor and roof frames and corner profiles. The construction enables compounding of individual containers in longitudinal and transverse directions without limits. It also enables compounding of containers in 2 floors in height (ground floor + first floor), or in 3 floors in height for warehousing of these containers (ground floor + 2 floor).

The wainscots of the container are made of light insulation panels and offer pleasant climate in the interior due to their building and physical properties.
Delivery: Containers can be delivered assembled or individually in kits 648 mm high.4 kits can be bundled in packages 2591 mm high (ISO dimensions)
2. DIMENSIONS and TARE (ISO Standard 1161)
-External length 20/(inner length) 20: 6.055m/(5.851m)
-External width/(inner width): 2.435m/(2.231m)
-External height/inner height: 2.790m/(2.510m)
-Tare: 1950 Kgs
3.1 Material: cold formed steel profiles in a thickness of 3 to 4mm (bottom rails).
3.2 Surface working: electric galvanization min 15 μm, zinc compatible epoxy ground coat in a thickness of 30μm , final zinc compatible vinyl acrylic coat in a thickness of 60-70μm.
3.3 Fittings: 8 comer fittings (dimensions according to ISO standard 1161), rainwater pipe in the roof framework, plate thickness of 10mm excluding top corner fittings of the top kit of each bundle (20mm thickness)
3.4 Forklift openings: openings for fork-lift pockets in the floor framework, dim 88×250mm in a distance of 1200mm


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