Jinan Bullex Steel Structure Villa

Jinan Bullex Steel Structure Villa



1. 9 degree anti-seismic villa ,firepoof & warm-keep
2. flexible design with regional characteristics,
3. easy to erect

  It is a construction form native to North American wood structure,whose main load-bearing structure uses 0.8mm—1.6mm cold-formed steel as the raw material. Therefore, we call it cold—formed steel house, also known as (super-) light steel residential building. Taking into account the prefabricated construction style, it also be classified as the integrated Building.
 The steel frame structure is the most suitable for innovative residential structure. Compare to the traditional structures, the steel frame structure has its apparent advantages on architectural forms, structural integrity, combined economic advantages, and environmental consideration. 
Key informations of light gauge steel structure:
1.  free from the damages by the inspects, such as white ants, and so on.   
2.  Steel code: Q345,G550;
3.  Design life span: more than 50 years ;
4.  Green and environmentally-friendly materials used;
5.   maximum protection more than 9 degree seismic performance;
6.   safety face maximum typhoon of 55 meters per second


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