Jinan Bullex Prefab House

Jinan Bullex Prefab House


The prefab house has the following features: light weigh, convenient and fast assembling and shipment, many-times disassembling, high rate of reuse. It can be applied to office, command posts, dormitories, meeting rooms, warehouses, shops, additional storey on building roof and temporary houses in the field of building, railways, highways, water conservancy projects, electric power, oil, business, tourism, and military use. And the houses are air-tight, heat-insulating, warm-keeping, waterproof and anti-corrosive.

Performances and Characteristics:
1. Easy to assemble and disassemble: The houses can be assembled and disassembled for dozens of times and can be reused for many times. And the assembling only needs simple tools and doesnt need power source. The connections of the pieces of the house all adopt plugs or screw connections.
2. Strong Structure: It adopts steel frame structure, therefore it is stable and in line with the designing code of building structure.
3. Hear-insulation: The walls and roof are made of double-side color steel sandwich panel (EPS, XPS, PU or Rock Wool) which have good heat-insulating and fire-proof performance. The wall can also be made of autoclaved lightweight concrete panel which is better material for walls.
4. Durable: The steel frame parts are all processed with anti-corrosion coating and it can be used as long as 20 years.
5. Environment protection: The design of the house is reasonable and it is easy to assemble and disassemble.
6. Diversified Specifications: Our design can be customized. The doors, windows and front and back walls can be exchanged each other. And the partition walls according to the customers requirements.
Roof: Color-coated Steel Tile
Ceiling: Color-coated Steel Sandwich Panel (50mmEPS) PS: The material and thickness can be chosen by customers.
Wallboard: Color-coated Steel Sandwich Panel (50mmEPS) PS: The thickness can be chosen by customers.
Window: Plastic Steel Window with the fly screen
Door: Color-coated Steel Sandwich Panel (50mmEPS) PS: The thickness and the material can be chosen by customers.
Doorframe: Aluminum Ally Doorframe
Floorboard: can be chosen by customers


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