glass wool insulation

glass wool insulation


Glass Wool Insulation

Glass wool is manufactured via the centrifugal ROTARY PROCESS after fusing quartz sand and other raw materials in a high temperature. Our products are provided with top-level equipments and perfect facilities of various types for testing and inspection. All technical qualifications of our products can fully satisfy the requirements set by the National standard GB/T13350-92. It is doing well to energy saving, efficiency improvement, environment protection and comfort ability improvement.

Glass wool felt wrapped with two types of face and no face. It is specially designed for business building, organization building, the hollow wall of industrial and agricultural buildings as well as the sound absorbing and temperature keeping and heat insulate processing. Standard Specification:

Unit Weight (kg/m 3 )
10 \ 12 \ 14 \ 16 \ 20 \ 24 \ 32

Thickness (mm )
25 \ 30 \ 40 \ 50 \ 75 \ 100

Size (mm )1200*10 -20M

Glass wool board is in rectangle with many choices of unit weight. The heat insulation materials are usually using "2b" centrifugal glass temperature keeping board, the average diameter of fibre is around 7 micron with the types of faced or no face for all. With the features of light, wear and tear resistance and tenacity, it satisfies the heat insulation requirements. It can save the energy, reduce heating wastage and cut the cost, if build it correctly, the transmission of sound wave can be reduced effectively. It is the unearthly sound absorbing and warm keeping material. It has been widely applied for heat insulation of house wall, compartment; Temperature keeping of computer rooms, refrigerator; Denoise of power plants and pump rooms; Adjustment of Hi-fi etc. Standard Specification:

Unit Weight (kg/m 3)
24 \ 32 \ 40 \ 48 \ 56 \ 64 \ 80 \ 96

Thickness (mm)
15 \ 20 \ 25 \ 30 \ 40 \ 50 \ 75 \ 100

Size (mm)1200*600

Glass wool pipe is antisepsis, non moisture absorption, no smiley, no moldy with no germs propagation. The materials are suitable for temperature keeping of heat pipes, cooling pipes, hidden and outside pipes. It has passed the all the indexes of incombustible materials in standard GB/T5464-1999. Effectively prevent the cooling, pipe freezing and pipe noise controlling by using the thickness and surface materials with attention in the sealed processing between joints. Standard Specification:

Unit Weight (kg/m 3) 50 \ 64

Thickness (mm) 25-100

Diameter (mm) (Inch) 22-425(1/2"-18")

Length (mm) 1000


  1) Glass Wool Roll (blanket)

          Density: 10~48kg/m3

          Width: 1200mm

          Length: 12000mm, 14000mm, Can be make to order

          Thickness: 25mm, 50mm, 100mm, Can be make to order

          Packing: vacuumized film package



Physical properties

Shrinkage tempreature of heat load



Corrosion resistance


No chemical reaction

Mildew resistance




Experimental method

Technical requirements

Moisture absorption

ASTM C1104


3% of weight(49.relative humidity 90%)

5% of weight(49.relative humidity 90%)

Moisture permeability









Flam spreading:25

Flam spreading:50

Grade A incombustible material




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